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Gather around the fire!

Maybe the the thought of s’mores with the kids or dreams of a gorgeous backdrop for an elegant outdoor dinner party have you considering adding an outdoor fire feature to your landscape. If so, you are not alone. Fire pits and fireplaces are one of the hottest trends in landscaping as homeowners look to maximize their enjoyment from their outdoor living spaces. But what’s the best option for you? And once you make the decision on what type of fire feature to add, the decisions don’t end. Consideration must be given to what type of heat you want, material selection, and seating options. Rest assured, the anxiety over such decisions will be long forgotten when you are enjoying the welcoming glow of your outdoor fire!

The following guide can help you get started in determining what options are best for you:

Fireplace or Fire Pit?

This is your biggest decision and most important one. Fireplaces and a fire pits lend themselves to very different outdoor activities. If you want something typically less formal, around which your family and friends can gather and controlling smoke isn’t a huge issue, a fire pit is likely the best option for you. If you want something to act as a visual anchor at the end of a space or if you are working ​within a covered area and managing smoke is critical - you most likely want a fireplace. Of course these are broad generalities.

Here are a few other considerations:

  • Crowd side – Fireplaces lend themselves to smaller gatherings as you can only gather so many people in front of the warm glow; a fire pit will generally accommodate more people as it offers 360 degrees of seating.

  • Young children –If your home consistently welcomes small visitors, give some thought to your comfort level of young children and the open flames offered by fire pits.

  • Views – If you want to showcase an expansive landscape, a low-to-the-ground fire pit can make that a reality as visitors can enjoy unobstructed views.

  • Costs – Fire pits are generally significantly less expensive to install than fireplaces, but there are certainly exceptions to this rule-of-thumb.

Gas or Wood Burning?

It’s hard to beat the convenience of a gas-fire feature, whether it’s propane or natural gas. When you want a fire, opening a valve and flipping a switch is all you need to do. When you’re done for the evening, the fire is instantly off. Gas also eliminates the worries about cinders and sparks, especially if homes are nearby or if you live in areas with heavy winds. Some localities have banned outdoor-wood fires in response to air quality or wildfire dangers, in which case gas is your only choice. There are a host of attractive features for gas fire features – th​ings like crushed glass and lava rock can be used instead of replicated logs.

Despite the ease of gas, many homeowners want a real wood fire. There’s a smell and a sound and a feel that you don’t get with gas. When selecting a wood fireplace or fire pit, make sure local ordinances allow it and you’re locating it at a safe distance from combustible objects like trees and roofs. You’ll also want to consider where the firewood will be stored.

Gas fire features are generally more expensive to install due to the need for gas lines to be added

Seating: fixed or movable?


If you’ve spent any time around a campfire, you’ve experienced the ritual of getting too cold and needing to move your seat closer, then getting too warm and scooting away. For this reason some homeowners prefer movable seating, like patio furniture around a fire feature. Others want the ability to quickly go outside and use their fire pit without having to gather furniture; for these convenience- minded entertainers, a permanent seat wall or hearth is the right choice . You can add covers, pillows, or decor at your leisure that will add that perfect personal theme touch.

Idea's for using your fire feature

Former Scouts usually recall evenings spent in front of a campfire as some of their favorite and most cherished memories from Scouting. They remember with fondness laughter and fun that was created under the evening stars, accompanied by the comforting smell of wood smoke. Those memorable evenings don’t have to be things of the past. By adding a fire pit to your back yard, you can create new traditions for you, your family, and friends. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

School’s Out! – When your middle-schooler or high-schooler is done with exams, invite friends over to burn the semester’s notes and test-study guides. The note burning ritual can be a welcome stress reliever and can offer a great tradition to say goodbye to the end of a school year.

Halloween Fun – A fire pit creates a wonderful backdrop for fall entertaining, especially at Halloween! Consider inviting your neighbors over for a central candy distribution site and allowing Trick-or-Treaters to warm themselves by the fire.

No guitar? No problem. – Invite friends over for singing under the stars! With the accessibility of music on phones and computers, sing-a-longs are no longer dependent on a resident musician. Of course, they can be a lot more fun with a guitar but all the oldies and the songs of today can all be easily accessed through technology. Consider a themed dinner party where the singing compliments the meal. Hot dogs and Elvis Presley’s Hound Dog? Lobster dinner and beach music? Or how about eggnog and cookies with some holiday caroling?

Creative Dinner Fun – Break up the monotony of evening suppers at home by having your family cook over your fire pit. Anything that changes the routine creates an air of fun and excitement. Soups, chili, even chicken cooked in foil packets turn your dinner routine into memorable fun! Cooking on the fire pit – dinner or dessert - adds special excitement for children’s sleepovers as well. And of course, a special meal cooked over the fire can offers the perfect ambiance for date night, too.

Add a Spark of Fun – Create special times each month or throughout the year where your family’s together-time is around the fire pit. Consider having each family member share New Year’s resolutions around a roaring fire. Reserve a night a month for family movies around the fire pit; if you don’t have an outdoor theater, a laptop or tablet will work just fine. Remember, it doesn’t have to be cold to enjoy your outdoor fire, the summer months can offer fun as well; just keep the flame lower to create a warm atmosphere.

Personalize your Design – If your fire pit is not yet built, consider personalizing it in a way that is unique and special to your family. Add hand prints to the foundation. If you have collected shells from beach trips, see about adding those to the stonework or see if tiles representative of your family can be incorporated into the design.

Cherished memories are those that invoke fun and smiles. Sometimes they come from spontaneous adventure while other times they are created from much anticipated tradition.

If you need help with designing your ideal fire feature, or making your plan a reality please call us for a free estimate!

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