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Creative Flower Bed Design to Dress Up Your Home

It’s a great time to start planting that creative flowerbed you’ve been dreaming of! There are so many different ways to plant one, but one of the most fun parts is designing it and watching your ideas come to life. But where to begin?! There is no wrong way to design your flowerbed, but keep reading to check out four great ideas to get you started.

Perennial flowerbed

These flowerbeds are great for warm weather, so you won’t be wasting your time planting over and over without seeing results. Perennial plants are meant to last a long time, and choosing them in your garden allows you to plant a beautiful backdrop for whatever plants you choose to plant in the front. The best part about a perennial flowerbed is that you can plant them relatively anywhere and they’ll bloom beautifully.

Tree base flowerbed with rocks

Whether your backyard is covered with trees or you just have a couple in random places, you can use them to design a creative flowerbed. Depending on the layout you want, the tree flowerbed can be lined with rocks, bricks, or even small flower plants! This type of flowerbed will look best under taller trees at the edge of your yard or at the entrance to your home in the front yard.

Side yard flowerbed

Side yard flowerbeds are probably the most common, but that doesn’t make them boring! Long narrow areas are great for a flowerbed and add some color to your backyard without taking up too much space. Whether your side yard is small or huge, try planting a flowerbed there and designing it with layers similar to those in a perennial flowerbed. Want to spice it up? Put a wheelbarrow or clay pots in the garden for added aesthetic!

Raised block flowerbed

Very versatile! These beds can be any shape you want, space permitting. These types of flowerbeds are best for yards that have a lot of open space in the middle. They may require more preparation and building than other options, but block flowerbeds are sturdy and beautiful. A block flowerbed can be almost any shape you can think of—just lay out the blocks in the desired arrangement.

For great tips on starting a garden and anything related to it, contact JDM Landscape or call (559) 476-7236 for a free consultation.

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