January 23, 2019

What do your customers crave in their landscapes this year? The National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) is about to tell you with its official list of the top 2019 landscape trends.

Drawing upon the expertise of the industry’s 1 million landscape, la...

January 29, 2018

Maybe the the thought of s’mores with the kids or dreams of a gorgeous backdrop for an elegant outdoor dinner party have you considering adding an outdoor fire feature to your landscape. If so, you are not alone. Fire pits and fireplaces are one of the hottest trends i...

January 22, 2018

Everyone knows money doesn’t grow on trees. Or does it? Studies show that nice landscaping will raise the value of your home by 10-12%. So investing money in your landscape makes financial sense. However, like any other investment, you’ll want to do it in a way that fi...

December 28, 2017

Plant Hardy Winter Plants

Enjoyment of colorful plants and shrubs need not be limited to just the spring and summer seasons. For example, camellias or holly bush will retain its vibrant color through the winter—while as a bonus, female holly plants will also produce lov...

December 22, 2017

Outdoor kitchens are not just for those who have homes where it’s warm all the time.  Outdoor living is such a huge and wonderfully popular part of life in many homes, and it’s not difficult to convince homeowners that they need one of their own. We love a good outdoor...

November 3, 2017

The look of natural stone is lovely enough as it is, but you won’t believe just how beneficial it is to have this beautiful material in your landscaping. We can list several reasons why you want to add some natural stone to your home’s landscaping, and we can tell you...

September 13, 2017

All About Succulents and Succulent Care

Succulents are low in maintenance, high in beauty and offer a wide variety of sizes, shapes, textures and colors. They are like having a living piece of art that you can pick up in almost any garden or home improvement store. The...

August 24, 2017

Transform Your Yard Into an Oasis

Regardless of the size of your back yard, you can transform it into a space you can enjoy. Everyone’s tastes are different and everyone finds different things relaxing, so zero in on what you do like and forget everything else. While so...

August 15, 2017

It’s a great time to start planting that creative flowerbed you’ve been dreaming of! There are so many different ways to plant one, but one of the most fun parts is designing it and watching your ideas come to life. But where to begin?! There is no wrong way to design...

July 25, 2017

We've all done it... spending time pondering the "I wonder what it would look like if..." question when it comes to our landscapes. Probably even have a handful of sketches laying around, too, right? We all do this and it's just a part of who we are. At JDM Landscape,...

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